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Autumn 2013 Tenth Anniversary

Top Ten in Poetry

The Factory, Rebecca Lehmann • Rebecca Lehmann’s “The Factory, An Elegy in 6 Parts” is the story of class struggle as myth, as fairy tale; I’d never read anything like it before and knew we had to publish it.

Top Ten in Fiction

Kiki Petrosino, Allegory • When you get Dante and God into the same room, you get Kiki. We’ve published a few installments in her Allegory series, and each shines like a jewel, wild and beautiful.

Top Ten in Commentary

Love Like All The Stars In The Sky, Rafael Torch • Rafael Torch wrote nine commentaries for Contrary as he was dying of cancer. This may be the only one he needed to write. It may be the only thing any of us ever needed to write.

Five years ago the nation was entangled in a grim war based on lies, the publishing industry was in collapse, the whole economy rushing to join it, people pulling their money out of banks—but together we were clinging to ledges and sharing delight in online media that still bore the tang of novelty. In that […]