Writers Fund

Contrary does not operate for profit, but pays its writers using funds raised by donations. We pay our contributors $20, so:

  • Donate $20, and you can sponsor a poem or story or author in an issue. Please indicate in your message who inspired your donation.
  • Donate $250, and you can cover our costs for an issue.
  • Donate $1000, and you can cover our costs for a year.
  • Donate $1, and you’ve still done your part to reward beauty and art and to lift the spirits of everyone involved in Contrary.

There are two ways you can help us raise funds, should you be so inclined: You can donate $1 or more by clicking on the PayPal button below. And if you ever buy anything from Amazon, you can make your Amazon.com purchases through the Contrary Writers Fund Bookshop. Contrary survives entirely on donations, which after nominal server and domain fees, go entirely to our writers. Thank you for your support!