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The Listener

The Listener listened solemnly, as was his wont, while his wife explained her reasons for going. I cannot abide this, she said to him finally, tossing her things on a chair. I can’t take you any longer. The Listener stood pensively, scratching his arm, perusing the news on the set. He couldn’t make out the [...]


Here people are paid to look through windows at night, are given a sack of rice or a bottle of milk for peeling back the sheets in the middle of someone else’s intimate moment. There are places in the world where you are not entitled to your privacy, to your love.


It was 1985. Her room was pink, and bigger than mine, and she didn’t have to share it with her sister like I did. She had a closet with mirrored doors, and we would put a chair in front of those big mirrors and take turns brushing each other’s hair. Like a salon. We probably [...]