To Ipswich

by Edward Mc Whinney

They sent me to London for a summit on Global Water Leakage. I lasted no time at all because feeling like a lame duck I soon began to sweat. We were in a convention centre, some stuffy four star hotel near Marble Arch. Waiters deposited jugs of water. Buzzards fiddled with microphones, wearing expressions that […]

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Houses of Spirit

by Crista Cloutier

At Contrary Blog, former Guardian columnist Crista Cloutier is reviewing worship services and settings. Read about the Society of Friends, the London Spiritualist Mission, the Guild of Vergers, the chapel at Arizona’s Turf Paradise Race Track, and more.

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Curl Up With One

by Contrary Magazine

In this issue, Contrary features reviews of books by Michel Houellebecq, Greil Marcus, Pamela Uschuk, Jeremy Grimshaw, and Michael Downs. Visit Contrary’s Index of Reviews or the individual links to the right.

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Kiss My Annulus

by Dolan Morgan

  Ringing phones start too many stories. Take this one for example. When it rings right at the mouth, we are forced to consider others that open this way – those crime novels, that translation, some classic, a romance, the paperback. And we wonder how to react to it happening again, here. Ring, ring. Are […]

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The Extra Knot

by Holli Downs
"Rope" by Verte Adélie via Fotopedia.

It was me screaming in the reflection of Dr. Maxwell’s sunglasses saying “the kids! the knot! the rope!” and pulling on his sleeve trying to explain what he already knew- that there was an extra knot-

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Voodoo Sonnets

by Doug Ramspeck
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An Eclipse

by Slava Bart
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The Tarbouche Maker

by Michael A. Telafici
Photo by Larry Johnson via Fotopedia

When they entered they were not sure it was the right alley. They looked up to see scraps of sky between old dark beams like the ribs of a boat. Maybe it was covered once. “Do you think this is it?” he asked. “I don’t know. I’m completely turned around.” They walked a few hesitant […]

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