Wild Medicine by Jennifer Cayer



Gigi picks up speed as we wander into the woods. I could listen to the self-named “ditch witch,” medicine woman, and Herbalist Without Borders say lobelia, damiana and comfrey all day. She’s about sixty years-old, violet tunic over leggings. A presumably powerful green stone hangs on a cord over her heart.

“Ah, a fringe!” she bubbles.

She’s asked us to bring comfortable hiking shoes for the plant-identification part of the wild medicine course, but she wears only black flip-flops between her cracked heels and the forest floor. “See,” she points to a distinctively taller area of growth along a field. “A lot of action happens here— borders are plant life’s El Paso’s, Juarez.” And where so-called native and invasive species intertwine, Gigi finds the best medicines….

Jennifer Cayer teaches at New York University where she received a Ph.D. in comparative literature. Read “Wild Medicine”…>

Miss Bourgeois in the Pine Barrens

by Perdita Buchan

She was short, with frizzy hair, nicotine stained fingers, thick glasses and a leg brace from childhood polio. She wore mud colored tweed suits and always stood with one foot on the rung of her chair, holding grimly to the back of it as she talked. She was not the kind of person to control […]

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Three Poems

by Samuel Hovda
Planting by Samuel Hovda


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Storm Clouds Over the State of Louisiana

by Susannah Breslin

1 They were sitting on the back porch. She had moved into this place the day before. He had a glass of wine in his hand. The weeds were overgrown. He was supposed to have moved in here, but he hadn’t. She was alone. Too bad, she thought. She wasn’t sure she meant it. She […]

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Two Poems by Brittney Corrigan

by Brittney Corrigan
Storm Chasers Daughter by Brittney Corrigan
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