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That morning, news of life ending and life stirring. Beignard, my old buddy, the one they called The Whale for some mysterious reason, had succumbed to the lung cancer, at last, while Victoria, my neighbour, was pregnant, it’s more frequent than sunrise, she said. What is? Having a baby, she said. My mouth might have [...]

The Right Shoes

“Can you fly with a man?” Everyone admired how very large they felt, above the trees and the town. Amira had felt that way before, at what she assumed could be called the height of her life, but right now she looked at her feet. “Excuse me, ma’am. Can you fly with a man?” She [...]

Subjects for the Smoking Room

A red-haired woman in a ballgown strolls out of an ER. There is a sky, just enough madness on it. There are flattened, halved pieces of rock for sidewalk. The living spaces here in Glass Pan, Wisconsin, would be affordable if you had a job in a non-affordable city, like Seattle, Hong Kong. That’s where [...]

Wild Medicine

July, Minnesota Gigi picks up speed as we wander into the woods. I could listen to the self-named “ditch witch,” medicine woman, and Herbalist Without Borders say lobelia, damiana and comfrey all day. She’s about sixty years-old, violet tunic over leggings. A presumably powerful green stone hangs on a cord over her heart. “Ah, a fringe!” she bubbles. She’s asked [...]