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Winter 2013


Mahnaz woke to the buzzing of the alarm clock. She leaned over, turned it off, and lay back. I must get up now, she thought, I will have to see Dr. Gibbons this morning. But she kept lying there, tired. No, more, reluctant to face the day. She wondered if it all had to do […]

I felt sepultured in the snow globe Gabe gave me for Christmas, on the bridge beside its festively scarfed, hatted, and gloved characters, dropping sticks into the creek from one side, then clambering to the other side to see whose stick emerged first from the tunnel. I checked the rushing water but found, instead of […]

The Other Man

Tiny fires erupt behind my eyes and cut me off from the other man and the first thought that strikes me now is: perhaps my eyes were really his eyes, the one who was swathed in robes of a muddy colour, the one who squatted on pebbles and waved his beautiful hands every now and […]