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Summer 2013

Three Moon Poems

Blue Moon If you called the name of a ghost on the fourth full moon of a season, it would carry it back through the hole in the horizon where the keeper of names buffs the scroll, the roll call, free of the old and it would spare that name the kiss of its scales [...]

The Flood

God, I thought after three days when the rain wouldn’t abate. At first I stayed home, for there was no point carrying on hoeing around in that weather. The earth turned into a big mush, and then, when it was too full to suck in any more, pools like tiny lakes formed in the fields. [...]

At the Station House

Technically, you aren’t obligated to go to the station house. You have been invited to go, to review video footage. Perhaps this will help identify the “emotionally disturbed person”—the “EDP,” in police parlance—who attacked you with a blade in broad daylight two days earlier. The detective assigned to your case, Detective A., even offers to [...]

Song, Mary

I don’t even believe in desire sometimes. Like the artist from Israel I didn’t want to sleep with— she painted Vermont’s green mountains. There weren’t any bombs in her paintings, so her paintings must have taken place in those fifteen seconds between belief and desire, the air raid sirens             [...]


Here, in this Ithaca that I am writing, even daylight is acicular. There are words for what I am doing to this landscape—calumniation, a slurring of—O iced apogees and troughs, I have ruined. Death to breath, a semibreve of fantastic, held hostage. I have journeyed away from this idyllic home—swallowed hard—a mess of neologisms for [...]

The Surf and the Night

I was afraid. Sometimes the sea was quiet and the sun was in the sky all the time, or so I thought. I was tempted to run to the shore and get a swim, but I suspected a storm would break the minute I’d touch the water. That was my imagination of course. I could [...]

I Get a Kick Out of You

My clitoris sings songs of love. Or lust. Most love songs are really lust songs. This is our story. Of course you know some of it but I like to tell stories so here’s our story to date—as I’ve lived it. We were at that fundraiser for a politician who is not as objectionable as [...]