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Spring 2013



Mr. Nolan gutted trout on the workbench. Sawdust freckled their skin. He placed the fillets on butter-drubbed foil, sprinkled pepper, onion powder, and salt, and then spread the wrapped fillets across the grill. Colin and I liked to watch his father prepare the trout but hated watching him cook. He told the same story about […]


I am Hercules.  That’s right.  That’s right.  Say my name. I think this when I watch him, imagine what it must be like.  The way he moves suggests a knowledge of the universe I don’t have, all twelve ribs working in tandem with the scapula and sternum, the cervical and thoracic vertebra.  His muscles are […]


A few weeks ago around midnight, I woke up and turned on the lamp.  My cat, Lilly, was sitting at the foot of the bed studying the ceiling with interest.  Not the hunter’s interest that makes her bottom twitch with excitement, but a kind of friendly curiosity.  I lifted a sleepy gaze and saw, directly […]