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More Stories by Edward Mc Whinney

Photo by Melody Koert via flickr

Edward Mc Whinney lives in Cork, Ireland. He’s neither all that young nor all that old.

He has been a regular contributor to Contrary, writing stories of Irish life and Spanish exile. This is an index of his stories published in Contrary, 2005-2011. For more recent stories, please do click here.


The Cork Landscapes:

Advice: Get the Farewell Right

A Monday Morning

An Ordinary Day

Conversations in the Tax Office

This House

Infidelity, Almost

Olaudahs in the Rain

Incident in a Travel Agent’s

(Editor’s Introduction to The Cork Landscapes)


Excerpts from Exile in Catalonia:

Forty Nine

Who Do You Want to Be?

The Cat in the Kiosk

Weaver Fish

On Goya Street

No Further Need for Niceties

Locked Out


Excerpts from The Hell Porter:

The Hall Porter

After Reading Thomas Bernhard

The Myth of Sisyphus


Unattached stories:


Little Bird

A Funeral