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Winter 2020


Image of Red Squirrel

… is what you do in your wild daily life. I imagine a human equivalent, squatting on a tightrope, say, holding an artichoke in both hands, peeling its leaves away, and eating the tender ends as I sway back and forth. To compete with you, I’d have to finish the whole artichoke in about a […]

After Hours

I used to go to clubs with a girl whose father hanged himself on her thirteenth birthday. I liked to go out with her because she would get just as fucked up as I would. We weren’t proud of it. We weren’t ashamed, either. It was just the way we were. She liked to drink […]

Over the Air

When my body disobeys, that proves it’s mine. Someone else’s doesn’t have to obey me. And these days my body refuses the simple ordinary things it is supposed to do. It doesn’t want to get out of bed, does so reluctantly, only to lie on the couch watching junk TV. These days my body has […]

Fancy Me

It creeps out through your mouth when you sleep, bone by bone, then reconnects at the foot of your bed. Rail-thin knuckles wrap around your doorknob before it slides through. Outside, the night air seeps into marrow under the gaze of the yellow-eyed moon. Other skeletons sneak from houses and join in the neighborhood’s shadows […]