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Winter 2016

Witch Cake

Pious mouths foam For measurements. The afflicted, always Some woman. Ill-fated poppet. Aproned, but odd. How different is any one of us When fallen quiet or despised? Or alone. Our hearts all hearth-blackened Pots, sometimes. Loveless. Dark. Stew-crooked Over the hot stove. Roiling Christ bath Of yellow child Piddle mixed to one Heaping cup of [...]


They had no papers, no means of travel; and a surly guard with a knife was at the door. “Dreaming of El Dorado” by Marie Arana This transparency shows where I’ve been kissed by lovers, note the lonely knee cap. Here is the thermal where shame shows up like sunburn– rarely affecting the shin. But [...]

Stolen Missed Connections

The snakebites looked really good on you. we talked about how good the jukebox was and that there is a loneliness in this world so great. you mentioned applying to be a fruit expert in roxborough. i didn’t know where that was. i’ve looked it up since and it’s just far enough. you had red [...]

When We Speak the Language of Ashes

All the walls smell like you: the smell of green on the Earth’s tongue. Even your eyelashes are inescapable. We are falling toward the detonation of ruptured neurons leaving only pink and squish and I am the beautiful me floating around myself above your head asking you to please grow your beard out once more [...]