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Winter 2015

A girl walks through the torn city saying her silent goodbyes. She touches the walls with her fingertips. Farewell, fences. Goodbye, sweets shop selling cakes dripping with syrup and caramel squares hard as bricks. So long, schoolyard where she tore her knees roller skating. See you later, Cornus tree covered in golden flowers and bees. [...]

Space Children and Fragility

Nicole Kurlich is a young writer living in woodsy Northeast Ohio with her family. She is currently focused on finishing her Associate of Arts degree from Lakeland Community College. When not writing, she enjoys watching horror flicks, befriending felines and playing the ukulele.

Don’t Forget To Say Hello

It wasn’t a far drive to Grandma’s, but the kid looked for castles and in his mind this took nearly as long as going to the moon. My wife wasn’t along for the ride. She was practicing boundaries, as she’d put it, learning to set limits. I wasn’t sure what this meant aside from the [...]


It was black-dark and pounding rain and no one was around to see her slip, barefoot, in the mud outside the car where she’d just finished the last cigarette in the pack, and not only had she muddied the knees and tattered-to-frays bell bottoms of her low-slung jeans, her hair had flattened against her head [...]