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Summer 2023


He found a woman on Tinder, but then she wanted to meet for the first time at her house. No woman had ever wanted to meet him at her house. They had some sort of rule book: a public place, a neutral location, an escape plan. Already, she wasn’t following instructions. It gave him an […]

About Dumbo

It is, in simplest terms, an eyesore. A needle prick to the pupil. Imagine a wooden barrel, old and water worn. Take a chainsaw to its body, cut it into thin slices. Hang busted-open acorn shells onto its frame. Prop it onto a little stand. Now, make the whole thing a hundred times larger and […]

At the Place of the Rapids

… on account of his is a ripoff and makes my ears ring, she said. And on account of his havin too small teeth and a foreskin like a dry ass old sow lip. And could he had done it to no one stupider than Shawna. She got an ass like a damn growing balloon […]

Not Yet Twenty

I watched a so-called art-house film with subtitles on the television. I watched for an hour, then as I made my way upstairs, though I was not yet twenty years old, I felt like an octogenarian film director carrying a megaphone in one hand and a script in the other. He moves up each step […]