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Spring 2020


Photo by Max Charping, Maxxicle, is licensed under CC BY 2.0 

Susan was from Beijing and didn’t speak much English. She took long, hot baths that left the mirrors afog and the floor pooled with water. And though we lived together, I didn’t know much about her, beyond her bathing inclinations and her quiet resentment towards the MTA, which she expressed to me once, the only […]


Feel bad for Roy, for the shitty way you were with him.  Whatever you did was nothing, and  so it was something. Roy’s hands were bumpy with warts and you didn’t want to be his link during Farmer-in-the-Dell or Red Rover. During Swinging Statues, you yelled, “Don’t move, Roy!” from wherever you flung him with […]

Because you huddled weeping in your seat as our car arrowed its way to your childhood home. Because “arrowed,” not sped nor raced nor hurried.  Because Diana. Because goddess and hunt and especially moon. Because words. Because allusion. Because this is what I do. Even while you cry. Because you were only an hour earlier […]

This Is How It Goes

You will reap what you have sown, she says. Day and night, she says this, in a thin voice, taut with eighty-nine years of unexpressed emotion. Her God always was vengeful. Well, seems now he’s coming to get us all. Anger does wonders for her mobility. She’s not been this nimble in years. This tiny […]