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Autumn 2022

A Weekend in Aubervilliers

"Aubervilliers - 44 boulevard Anatole France - 01-12-2006 - 6h28" by Panoramas is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

I’d seen the guy in the leather jacket out the corner of my eye. When he caught me up at the entrance to the Metro I absently moved out of his way as I felt for my ticket.

Blush, Revenge, Utterance

Gena Rowlands confessed on only one occasion that she almost left John Cassavetes while filming Opening Night. There was something about the slap, the lunge for it, that shred both her & Myrtle Gordon’s nerves.

The Intruder, 14

In February, twilight washes over this part of California at 5 p.m. Gerald stayed at school as long as possible, so he wouldn’t have to do this in broad daylight. But even as the shadows lengthen, forcing him to watch his step on the root-broken sidewalk, he doesn’t trust those passing cars.