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Autumn 2020


Les Lucioles, The Fireflies, by Henri-Camille Danger, France, 1896

Angela comes awake in the night. A commotion outside. She paws Tomas’ side of the bed for an elbow, a fingertip, a soft curl. There is only the pressed sheet. In those first moments torn from sleep—before the soul has a chance to seat—she swims in fear. Then she remembers: Tomas is away. He is […]

Dear John James Audubon

Detail from Downy Woodpecker by John James Audobon

I hung suet early this year, not because I was particularly organized but because I was eager for the companionship of birds.

Dragon Dreams

A tiny baby dragon would have served us well, I think.

In the old section of Kolkata there is an even older, sacred section known as Kalighat. This neighborhood is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Kali and is said to be an auspicious place to die.