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Autumn 2011

Bob Dylan: Like a Complete Unknown by David Yaffe Yale University Press 2011 The day after John F. Kennedy’ s inauguration, fifty years ago, Robert Zimmerman, of Hibbing, Minnesota, who had rechristened himself Bob Dylan in honor of the Welsh poet, first arrived in New York City. He got off the bus, tramped over to [...]

What I recommend: This novel

The Call by Yannick Murphy Harper Perennial 2011 What I Read: The Call by Yannick Murphy Favorite Quote: “Because light takes a while to travel, what we’re seeing is always in the past.” How It Is Structured: The Call is written in diary-like entries told from the point of view of David Appleton, a veterinarian [...]

The Ultimate Mashup

Invisible Mink by Jessie Janeshek Iris Press 2010 Jessie Janeshek’s Invisible Mink is a collection worth devoting your time to and, in fact, one which can only be properly enjoyed as a project. Nearly all of the poems in Invisible Mink are based on movies from the 1930s and 1940s, and I fully intend to [...]

Volt by Alan Heathcock Graywolf Press 2011 Ain’t nothing but trouble for the fictional town of Krafton, Somewhere Prairie, USA. In fact, any one of the searing tragedie s or subtle terrors depicted in Alan Heathcock’s debut story collection would be enough to set folks in a small town reeling, except even taken together they [...]

An Inclusive Poetic World

Underdog by Katrina Roberts University of Washington Press 2011   While reading Katrina Roberts’s fourth book of poetry, Underdog, I felt as if I had travelled into the inner workings of the author’s mind – a big, loving, generous, voraciously inquisitive mind. In Underdog, it seems any moment can be caught and brought to light, [...]

The Twin

She does everything you choose not to and returns each night while you sleep, ever loyal. When you are alone, buried in thoughts like warm sand, then you feel her there. Whatever you want to give her, she will take, all of it. Her expertise is in safe keeping. Her body is made up of [...]