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Three Poems

Woman to Pink Rose

I know that you bloomed by the petals on my doorstep.
I was thinking that my paycheck wouldn’t fix the car.
I thought it day after day, and missed everything.


Pink Rose to Bee

For you I unfold myself in layers.
For you, for you I open.
For you I bare my fragrant center,
but you bumbled by and dove
into wild clover.
Reconsider. A second bud
trembles on the cane.


Bee to Boy 

You almost trod on me with your clumsy foot.
I would have stung you.  For a moment,
each of us was spared suffering.



Amanda Leigh Rogers lives in Abington, PA with her husband and three sons and teaches theater and writing at Bryn Athyn College. She loves poetry as an art form that marries the sensual and the cerebral, and as a spiritual practice that invites writer and reader to move between states of quiet presence and energetic expression. She received the Hopwood Award for major poetry.