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Spring 2012

The Burn of the Everyday

Wild in the Plaza of Memory  by Pamela Uschuk Wings Press 2012   Nature looms large in Pamela Uschuk’s Wild in the Plaza of Memory. In one poem alone, “In Dharamsala Among Tibetan Exiles,” “Light slides like a silk sleeve / over the water buffalo shoulders of rocks,” “the flame-tinted lily tilts its six tongues [...]

Beauty in the Beast

The Map and the Territory  by Michel Houellebecq Translated by Gavin Bowd Alfred A. Knopf 2011   I’m not going to write about Michel Houellebecq’s shocking public fight with his mother, nor his penchant for sex clubs, nor his charm and wit and reputed sexual prowess. I’m not going to tell you how much he [...]

Three Poems

Deception, Misread I pull gumdrop from gunpowder, catch Nazi in a list of thirty warning signs of menopause. I skim the pages of a journal take bisexual from bilingual, intersection from Czech and Mexican immigrants. Too often I strike God on the keyboard when I mean good, sold, when all I wanted was soul. A woman from Devon, a feather her fate, was tricked by wind. Wingless she wrecked to beach below. [...]