The Wind | Pierre Tchetgen


and I saw the wind spread her dark wings
over the world
yellow clouds thundered over the cities
and a somber rain poured
burning the eyes of the masses
gathered in heaps of hundreds
looking up to her

she sat her vast mass on the necks of children
and promised them sweet destinies
while she sucked at their very hearts

mothers beat their daughters with her golden braids
and fathers tied their sons with the chains of her whispers

heralds proclaimed her magnificence
and declared her Queen Almighty
as she walked through the streets
dragging her silvery robe on the ground

all hailed

and the few heretics opposed to her

it is said that she destroyed them with her own hands
and then granted them eternal life by singing their praises in her tales and story books

her fiercest enemies she silenced secretly
and then celebrated
to enthrall the people

and this they loved most dearly
this they cherished

parents walked their children to school with proud chest

churchgoers made sure their contribution was the biggest

and the wind?

she sat on her throne in the clouds
smiling with content
resting a fat foot on a world that couldn’t see past her extremities

they breathed her stale breath
and drank her piss
that ran directly from the sewers
to their kitchen taps

they nibbled on the fragments of death
she dispensed as life
and swallowed her poisoned truth in the name of God

for God was her arch-rival
once before time

and so she had killed Her
on a hilltop outside the metropolis
and dragged her empty shell back
once the sun had closed its watchful eye

she dug a hole in the middle of the city
and dumped God’s lifeless mound inside

she erected her brazen altar
atop God’s word

and for this the people loved her
for they knew her only as God’s greatest advocate

but where God had sown unity
she now caused distress
and she did so
through the use of the words: God Bless

for in times such as these
the people had rather put their last trust
in a sure Nothing
rather than in an unsure Something

* * *

and I cried when I saw how powerful
and merciless
the wind had become
how she choked the hopes of the world
and yet no one screamed for help
nor tried to do anything about it