Reviews 2007-2008

Autumn 2008


A Voyage Long and Strange by Tony Horwitz  |  Reviewed by Laura M. Browning

Taking on the Trust by Steve Weinberg  |  Reviewed by Thomas Larson

What I Talk About When I Talk About Running by Haruki Murakami &
Running and Philosophy edited by Michael W. Austin  |  Reviewed by David M. Smith


Requiem, Mass. by John Dufresne  |  Reviewed by Frances Badgett

The God of War by Marisa Silver  |  Reviewed by Shaindel Beers

Awesome by Jack Pendarvis  |  Reviewed by Thea Brown

Netherland by Joseph O’Neill  |  Reviewed by Mike Frechette


The Sphere of Birds by Ciaran Berry  |  Reviewed by Grace Wells

Summer 2008


What Is Life? by Ed Regis  |  Reviewed by Thomas Larson

The Wild Places by Robert Macfarlane  |  Reviewed by Laura M. Browning


Big Pink Umbrella by Susan Millar DuMars  |  Reviewed by Grace Wells

Little Boat by Jean Valentine  |  Reviewed by Shevi Berlinger


Dervishes by Beth Helms  |  Reviewed by Frances Badgett

The Lazarus Project by Aleksandar Hemon  |  Reviewed by Gregory Byala

Knockemstiff by Donald Ray Pollock  |  Reviewed by Shaindel Beers

Lost Classics

Stop-Time by Frank Conroy  |  Renewed by David M. Smith

Spring 2008


Reading Joyce by David Pierce  |  Reviewed by David M. Smith

The Windows of Brimnes by Bill Holm  |  Reviewed by Thomas Larson

The Last Flight of the Scarlet Macaw by Bruce Barcott | Reviewed by Laura Browning


The Dark Age by James Harpur  |  Reviewed by Grace Wells

Blue and Red Things by Laura Solomon  |  Reviewed by Courtney MacNeil


Surveillance by Jonathan Raban  |  Reviewed by Frances Badgett

Lost Classics

It Seems to Me by Heywood Broun  |  Renewed by Jeff McMahon


Lost Classics

Species of Spaces by Georges Perec  |  Renewed by David M. Smith


At the Axis of Imponderables by Neil Carpathios | Reviewed by Shaindel Beers

The Boy in the Ring by Dave Lordan  |  Reviewed by Grace Wells

Complicated Pleasures by Billy Ramsell  |  Reviewed by Grace Wells

Waterlight by Kathleen Jamie  |  Reviewed by Shaindel Beers


Staying Up Much Too Late by Gordon Theisen  |  Reviewed by Laura M. Browning 

Forging Fame by Craig Abbott  |  Reviewed by Thomas Larson

Museum: Behind the Scenes at the Met by Danny Danziger | Reviewed by Laura Browning

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert  |  Reviewed by David M. Smith

The Story of French by Jean-Benoît Nadeau & Julie Barlow  |  Reviewed by Jeff McMahon


The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas-Llosa  |  Reviewed by Frances Badgett

Petropolis by Anya Ulinich  |  Reviewed by Shevi Berlinger

What I Was by Meg Rosoff  |  Reviewed by Linda Smith

Exit Ghost by Philip Roth  |  Reviewed by Mike Frechette

Refresh, Refresh by Benjamin Percy  |  Reviewed by Michael Andrews

Bridge of Sighs by Richard Russo  |  Reviewed by Thea Brown

The Septembers of Shiraz by Dalia Sofer  |  Reviewed by M. Leigh Knittle

Diary of a Bad Year by J.M. Coetzee  |  Reviewed by Jeff McMahon

Later, At the Bar: A Novel in Stories by Rebecca Barry  |  Reviewed by Shevi Berlinger

Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje  |  Reviewed by Frances BadgettHorwitz.htmlWeinberg.htmlRunning.htmlRunning.htmlDufresne.htmlSilver.htmlPendarvis.htmlONeill.htmlBerry.htmlRegis.htmlMacfarlane.htmlDuMars.htmlChalupa.htmlChalupa.htmlHelms.htmlHemon.htmlPollock.htmlConroy.htmlPierce.htmlHolm.htmlBarcott.htmlHarpur.htmlSolomon.htmlRaban.htmlContradiction-3.htmlPerec.htmlCarpathios.htmlLordan.htmlRamsell.htmlJamie.htmlTheisen.htmlAbbott.htmlDanziger.htmlGilbert.htmlNadeau.htmlVargas-Llosa.htmlUlinich.htmlRosoff.htmlRoth.htmlPercy.htmlRusso.htmlSofer.htmlCoetzee.htmlBarry.htmlOndaatje.htmlshapeimage_1_link_0shapeimage_1_link_1shapeimage_1_link_2shapeimage_1_link_3shapeimage_1_link_4shapeimage_1_link_5shapeimage_1_link_6shapeimage_1_link_7shapeimage_1_link_8shapeimage_1_link_9shapeimage_1_link_10shapeimage_1_link_11shapeimage_1_link_12shapeimage_1_link_13shapeimage_1_link_14shapeimage_1_link_15shapeimage_1_link_16shapeimage_1_link_17shapeimage_1_link_18shapeimage_1_link_19shapeimage_1_link_20shapeimage_1_link_21shapeimage_1_link_22shapeimage_1_link_23shapeimage_1_link_24shapeimage_1_link_25shapeimage_1_link_26shapeimage_1_link_27shapeimage_1_link_28shapeimage_1_link_29shapeimage_1_link_30shapeimage_1_link_31shapeimage_1_link_32shapeimage_1_link_33shapeimage_1_link_34shapeimage_1_link_35shapeimage_1_link_36shapeimage_1_link_37shapeimage_1_link_38shapeimage_1_link_39shapeimage_1_link_40shapeimage_1_link_41shapeimage_1_link_42shapeimage_1_link_43shapeimage_1_link_44

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