Figure 2: Site Configuration for the Girl-Guide | Lindsay Bell

Skimming her calves through piano wire grasses, she
trades east for training, flounce for clod; and either may
be as silly as the reapplication of makeup in the dark, on 
a date with a blind man. She remains a child given over
to posture. This parcel extends as the wind carries it:
not far, being rooted; prairie up to her waist, she finds
her requirements couched in the soil, a fossil wheel,
remains of pot roasts, tools lost but for bones, hatchet,
repurposed bluestem, dropseed: ornamental. What a singe
can do for plat of survey: redress violations; a salve
for jilted hemlines: pants. She's in the style of long
and flowing: a river. A historical migration of ground
water, historical spill. We expect this property to be
visible by windshield, of the sort which writes itself.

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