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Antipastoral: Dairymen | Amy Groshek

        the ploughboy’s on his way in the morning, or at noon intermission, or at sundown

They are not as Whitman found them;
you must search among
sellers of grain, appliance
repairmen, the expressionless workers 

drowned in the whine of the factories.
Hands of stone have softened,
eyes of wood have opened, 
words of fire 

have smoldered to bitter ash.
Many angers and shames
were forgotten, let slip from the back,
shed into debt when they stepped

from those worn rubber boots.
You must know them by what 
they remember: the numberless 
dawns, children awash in cornstalks, 

and how the boots stand waiting
shin-deep in a cow-yard of shit.

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commentary | poetry | fiction | chicago | spring 2007   

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