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Summer 2019

And the Wounded Disappear

Image by Sr. Maria-Magdalena R. via Pixabay

Light now came in through the windows, that pale, deep forest light growing slow and incremental. The cabin smelled of smoke and incense and past lives. The windows were nearly black but for center holes rubbed clean by a need to see. I looked around, but I don’t know why. I had nothing, so I [...]

He came in that summer of dust devils when my father’s eggshell blue Ford wandered late paths too dark to follow. My mother sat in her sewing room, mumbling in long twisted speeches about a “world gone to perdition.” Donald Puckett came walking up our dusty lane one late Sunday evening, past the wisteria and [...]

My girlbody is not terrifying to the monster maker, though villagers will always fear fire. Since I was made a monster, I need not apologize for the destruction. If villagers did not chase, we monsters would not smash as we bolt along. But you know this story is not just about destruction: I meet a [...]

The Listener

The Listener listened solemnly, as was his wont, while his wife explained her reasons for going. I cannot abide this, she said to him finally, tossing her things on a chair. I can’t take you any longer. The Listener stood pensively, scratching his arm, perusing the news on the set. He couldn’t make out the [...]