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Autumn 2020

A Long Way

Pearl sat between me and Moone in the cabin of my van. Moone was driving because Moone insisted on driving. I didn’t argue. We sailed through the Jack Lynch tunnel and struck north on the N20. We were headed to Moone’s aunt’s mansion in Tipperary to pick up some paintings and antiques and a grandfather […]


1 A theater. The exterior buzzes with the usual strangers and that winter’s night sensation of vibrating air. What a shame to give up on it and enter. Inside, people won’t be stepping crunchy steps. Why not keep on walking instead, walk until you reach a forest, walk until you reach the type of strangers […]

Songs of Myself

Nine-year-old me hoofing it down a wooded road of vinyl homes, delivering the afternoon paper at nightfall. A streetlamp turns on, spotlighting my wretchedness. I sing the “Welcome Back Kotter” theme song so hard that I make myself cry. I’m seventeen. My friend Lenny is late picking me up to go surfing. I call his […]