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Autumn 2016

Little Pitchers Have Big Ears

Emily always knew that her second cousin, Paul Williams, could die from Africa. Snakes susurrated along the rafters of his house. Malarial mosquitoes brandished dread proboscises; alligators opened their mechanical mouths. And—the prayer letters reminded them—disease was everywhere. In the Kuluva hospital, Paul’s father, David, plucked bullets from soldiers. He helped the lepers, who had fleshy [...]

Range Folding (Populus)

“We’re making our weather with a lone light bulb.” — Blake Schwarzenbach May mist on an October morning, a dim light in a closet with no light. Like a storm, we are all vectors: direction, direction, direction. But our equipment can only measure so much. Clearly, I knew what you meant when you brushed bodyward [...]